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Two Tails

Walking Co.

We give your pup the exercise it needs so you can spend more time enjoying your happy and healthy fur-friend!

Who we are

We are sisters, Sable and Remi, and with our parent’s supervision, we’re looking for just 2-3 dogs we can take on walks!

You LOVE your dog and want them to be healthy but when life gets busy you don’t always have the time to take them on walks. You might feel guilty about this and we don’t want that for you!

Let us give your dogs the exercise and adventure they need so you can keep on loving them for years to come.

What we offer

IT’s Not just Dog Walking, WE:

  • Take your precious pooch on an exhilarating 15-minute (The Standard Stroll) or 25-minute (The Adventurous Trek) walk.
  • Refresh them with only the best-filtered water along the way.
  • Help them learn to safely cross streets and behave around other dogs – *we’re not professional trainers.
  • Give them tasty treats when they’re good to reinforce positive habits.
  • Return your dog happy and healthy so you can enjoy many long years with your pup.

The Standard Stroll $10/dog/15-minute walk

The Adventurous Trek $15/dog/25-minute walk

Unlimited Monthly Dog Walking

(coming soon!)

All the 15-minute walks your dog wants per month.

*Limited to one 15-minute walk per day


Check out our service area

We happily walk pups within this area only.

Let’s Make Sure We’re a good fit for your dog!

Your dog MUST